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Why you should use Instagram for your Business

People are constantly searching for personal products on Instagram. It is also the easiest way to find related information or share content with people you care about. Therefore, it’s important that your Instagram accounts are ranked high in search results so they can be seen more by potential customers and visitors to your site. Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s head of search products and engineering, has explained how the app ranks search results and shared a few of its best practices. Mosseri discussed some details about how the Instagram algorithm surfaces content in the main feed, stories windows, reels section as well as explore tab. Mosseri also spoke on why it’s so difficult for brands to get their posts featured in the new ‘stories’ feature on mobile devices by adding text before uploading an image or video,

Instagram Search Ranking Signals

Instagram described some of the various factors that are considered when they’re ranking content in search results. They said using text on images for hashtags is a really good practice to get one’s photo featured in feed or stories. Adding keywords during image upload can improve user experience, but it has no effect on feeds because it doesn’t help users find relevant information about the product. This means your account will remain unfeatured even if the text doesn’t contain any keywords


Most of Instagram’s activity feed is based on engagement which means the more likes and comments a post receives, the better it ranks. Therefore if one wants to get their posts seen by potential clients or visitors they need to tag them in an activity photo. This type of photo shows users who are interested in reading your blog updates can connect with you without even looking at your profile page because it places relevant content directly into their feed where they’ll see them.


Instagram has emphasized that if their user isn’t engaged with your account daily it won’t be displayed in search results despite having great content.  This means people who are extremely active on the platform constantly share, upload, and interact with others to get noticed by other users who do follow this style of content sharing themselves later on Instagram. Getting all these things into consideration when deciding which posts will appear for another person’s feed they need to have a profile worthy of engagement.


Instagram SEO Best Practices

Select a relevant username and profile name

The best usernames on Instagram tend to be single words with just one or two double spaces, making it easy for users to recall and use comfortably wherever they go on the platform. Now, people will usually go by their real name or chosen username so long as it’s clear who they are to the people who follow them. The ideal profile name should contain keywords that you’re trying to rank for, but also provide a reason behind why someone would want your service or content in their Instagram Story. For example, if I was posting about beauty services my username might be @hairbyshazily because it tells them exactly what my account is all about through its title right upfront.

Incorporate relevant keywords and locations in your bio

While writing your bio you want to include a word or two that tell people what type of content they can find by searching for the keyword, but also link them directly to where they might find more information. Capturing and nurturing user engagement is incredibly important; it’s one of the best ways in which businesses respond positively when others share their posts on their behalf. Create a strong Instagram strategy for your account

Make use of relevant Keyword & the Ideal Hashtag

The last factor is when it comes to Instagram search I’d say hashtags play a very influential role in how each user sees that particular post.  As with every social media platform, your posts with certain hashtags will probably be shown above other accounts’ content if they’re doing things differently from you by popularizing their content through these tags and connecting directly with potential customers. Using hashtags and tags on your profile title & description helps increase interaction between people with similar interests. Learning how best to use these tools will make posting far easier for you as long as you know where they lead users after each tap has been made on their stories.

Instagram Search Penalties

Instagram search penalties can affect your search visibility, which will negatively impact organic engagement and the potential for conversion revenue. Instagram content must be “clean” to avoid penalty keywords and hashtags in captions should be avoided so your post is not demoted in search results. Instagram search penalties are penalties that may be applied depending on the actions you take while using Instagram.

Upcoming Improvements to Instagram Search

These are only the first steps of an expanded search feature that will be rolling out to everyone soon. Instagram is developing new ways to surface photos and information about your friends, select posts, hashtags, or even edits! This means searching for tags will become much more important over time as additional features are introduced.. Not only does it help you discover tools like Hashtagify  but also options like Video searches which can show private videos private accounts may not normally find.


In conclusion, you should always be mindful of the social network and search engine algorithms when it comes to your Instagram marketing strategy. As with any social media platform, you must know how to use Instagram in a way that will increase your reach, engagement, and sales. It’s understandable now seeing as the trends stabilize those who were willing to overlook you, consider your impact on their Instagram feeds. For those of us among these best practices, we know by now not only how to succeed with one another but also what steps are required for brand building and business development through photo-sharing platforms. Though social networks have many differences – stories that often tell a much larger story about each user’s world than can be found in photos alone.

We all know that the most important thing in business is visibility, right? This is why Instagram is so powerful for brands. Do you want to know the details? Contact us immediately!

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