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Camdew AI

Our main goal is to develop comprehensive strategies to access and consume the best in class advertising technologies to fulfill the campaign objectives.

Our unified and holistic solutions significantly reduce operational costs and drive maximum results.


A programmatic console to pick and choose from the respective DSP/SSP and execute focussed campaigns for better ROI


Interesting information needs to be formulated and represented for further processing. The AI engine will empower this information and identify the campaign standards

Programmatic Channels

The AI can execute campaigns in Display, Mobile, Video and Native formats to identify the best placements be it top banners, side banners, pop-ups from various global SSP's.

Technologies Empowering the campaigns

AI is built on a robust technology that empowers the data discovery and avails Smart bid based on the campaign objectives (CPV, CPC, CPI, CPM, CPS, CPL)

Auto-Trigger with If-Then Loops

Think about the unique places or auto-trigger campaigns based on weather, the Camdew AI takes care of it all.

DMP - Data Management Portal

Inbuilt DMP to empower the data discovery and close the lost opportunity count.