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Maruti Ceramics

A Brand Makeover

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For over four decades Maruthi Ceramics were dealers of some of the biggest international and national brands in sanitary ware, ceramics, tiles and plumbing products.


We picked up 3 challenges:

1. They wanted to change their image and become a national retail leader, while retaining the same name.
2. They had never advertised before and had no idea how marketing and advertising works. So lot of handholding to be done.
3. They had less budget and we had to work with limitations.


We had free hands to execute the brand make-over.
The biggest challenge was that without spending like big brands how to create an impactful international look and feel for the brand and not alienate existing customers.


We redesigned their logo Maruthi Ceramics and created a symbol ‘MC’ so in future MC becomes their new entity, while retaining the trusted name Maruthi Ceramics.
The entire landscape of positioning has been altered with new look and feel.
The shop front view had a new, clean and bold stunning look.
The digital designs, bunch of TVC’s stand top designs were created.


A happy client with rich and positive look and feel.