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The Future of Digital

AI/ML Data-Driven Model

Camdew AI

Delivering Adtech campaigns through advanced machine learning algorithms
Our brand tools to make your campaigns super effective

Transparency is an essential component of any programmatic campaign

Transparent in the full sense of the word. Get the most robust, detailed, and customizable reports on your ad campaigns in real-time with Camdew Reports.

Empowering #MarTech to work wonders for your business

Reach your customers everywhere: Camdew Places

Segment users by their location. GPS coordinates are transmitted in the request to display ads, after which they are matched with the map and categorized.

Hyperlocal targeting: Reach your potential customers and users either within a radius of 250 m to 1.5 km or at specific places from the Hybrid Places list.

Weather also makes a difference: Hyper-Weather

In case you have a seasonal product, then to get the most interested customers and streamline your advertising budget apply Weather Targeting.
It allows to customize advertising campaigns and show different ads depending on weather conditions and weather forecast.

Northeast Monsoon: case

Here we applied Weather Targeting to help people at the very moment when they should have made a decision. We served ads, inviting to change purchase the dewatering pumps in the flood prone areas, when it rains in the specific pin code.

12 states
1 414 408 Impressions

2181 Enquiries
Cost per sale less than Rs.100

Collect, Store, Process: Camdew DMP

Camdew DMP— is an integrated platform for any operations with user data.The ability of this technology goes beyond the usual boundaries

Don’t let the fraud stand in your way: Antifraud

Fake traffic or misrepresented and ineffective ad placements is a widespread problem on the internet. To overcome that, the AI engine applies anti-fraud algorithms filtering all the traffic to reduce fraud to nothing which definitely improves the results of your ad campaign.

Optimization makes perfect: SmartBid

Streamline your ad spends and increase its efficiency with SmartBid.
Our algorithm calculates the probability of performance and leads the campaign to the desired KPI.