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Würfel Küche

Würfel Küche

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We were approached by a customer who wants to create a premium global modular kitchen brand from Bangalore, India.
The scope was open and with the young blood leading the team we spent 3 days with the client team planning and strategizing on how we could launch a new revolution in modular kitchens.

We went on designing the name that looks global (even now while you’re reading this would feel this is a German brand), positioned as a German, and provided the look and feel for the creative.

We spent time with photoshoots, name , logo design, web design, digital marketing collaterals – short form videos with a theme “Women having fun in the kitchen, let her be who she likes to be” and created collaterals for the brand campaign, education campaign on how to keep your kitchen clean, etc.,

Within three years the startup had become India’s largest premium modular kitchen brand with 30 Würfel Küche showrooms across the country. Two years in a row, our ‘German’ brand was voted the #1 modular kitchen in the country and won the most innovative brand award as well.