New Service Category to be added - Social Threat Intelligence:

Camdew identifies risks to businesses, individuals, products, and locations on social platforms. It achieves this by revealing and reporting instances of harmful entities, deceptive information, and automated bot networks.

Effortlessly integrating into your existing systems, Camdew boasts an unmatched range of coverage in the realm of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). This coverage encompasses major platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, news websites, and the hidden corners of the cybercrime landscape.

Moreover, Camdew goes beyond detection by furnishing practical insights, instantaneous alerts, and sophisticated measures for mitigation.

social media threat intelligence

Corporate Security

Social Risk Evaluation | Event & Venue Evaluation | Executive Security

Threat Detection & Mitigation

Impersonation | Insider Threat | Social Pishing | Leaked Information

Brand Campaigns

Fake Campaigns | Influence Operations | Disinformation Solutions


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